Posted on the 30th August 2018

Stephen’s story – Plunged into a world of tests and biopsies

Stephen’s proud parents were getting ready for his first Christmas at home. Just days later, baby Stephen was having his first session of chemotherapy.

Stephen during his cancer treatment

Stephen was born a healthy baby boy to proud parents, Joanne and William. But less than a year later, in the weeks before his first Christmas, Joanne noticed a lump on Stephen’s neck and rushed him to hospital. 

On 13 December, they told us Stephen had stage four neuroblastoma with a 20% survival rate. I went completely numb.

There from the start 

“I was thinking about Christmas one minute, then thinking ‘my child’s going to die’ the next. You can’t imagine what it’s like until it happens to you.”

Stephen and his parents were plunged into a world of tests and biopsies as the doctors prepped Stephen for treatment that could last up to three years.  

“If Wayne, our CLIC Sargent Social Worker, hadn’t been there right from the start, I wouldn’t have known about half the things going on. When I was sobbing on the ward, Wayne helped me get it off my chest so I had a bit more fight in me for Stephen. He was there with practical things too – he filled out forms for us and wrote letters. He even helped us get a grant to cover the costs of travelling to hospital to be with Stephen during his treatment. He was brilliant.” 

All clear 

It took nearly a year of intensive treatment, including chemotherapy, surgery, a stem cell transplant and radiotherapy before Stephen was clear of cancer.  

Thanks to kind CLIC Sargent supporters, CLIC Sargent was with him and his family for the entire time.


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